The essential
is invisible to the eye

Our jewelry features your unique Retina®Code, derived from the distinctive pattern of your eye. This truly one-of-a-kind jewelry acts as a deeply personal symbol of your individuality and profound emotional connection, cherished for its hidden meaning and unmatched uniqueness.

special rings with reetina and central diamond

The Retina®Code

What if jewelry could contain a fascinating secret ?

What if this secret was hidden behind a beautiful pattern ?

What if it was visible to everyone ?

What if only you could decode it ?

Because its yours ?

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As unique as a fingerprint but much more delicate and beautiful, our retina is hidden in the back of the eye, the window to the soul.

Crafted into a mesmerizing gem, your unique retina pattern symbolizes your individuality using a language understood only by the heart.

Dr. Stefan Wacha, founder of the Retina®Concept

RetinaRing Design Variants

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More Information

Why settle for an unpersonal ring?

Discover your personal one-of-a-kind gem.
We guarantee: No one will never own the same.

A RetinaScan along with all necessary measurements is acquired by our team with our high-tech devices.

Together, we select the part of your retina best suited for your desired Retina®Design gem.

We create a personalized offer including a photorealistic 3D visualization.

After you approve our design proposal, we manufacture your unique piece in our Swiss workshop.

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Meet The Founders

Stefan Wacha

& Jewelry Designer


Marlen Wacha

& Jewel Setter

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