RetinaRings show true commitment

They are showing you value individuality. If it is your own retina or your partner’s, Retina®Rings remind you of inner beauty, and that real values aren’t always visible on first sight.

The Retina®Code

What if jewelry contained a secret only you could decode?

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As unique as a fingerprint but much more delicate and beautiful, our retina is hidden in the back of the eye, the window to the soul.

Because of the underlying individuality and uniqueness of our retina, a Retina®Ring always emotionally fits to just a single person in this world. It makes no sense to anyone else than to the person for whom we designed it. Only you, the ring wearer, can decode the pattern.

Like a key to a lock in the window of your partner’s soul.

Dr. Stefan Wacha, founder of the Retina®Concept

RetinaRing Design Variants

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More Information

Why settle for an unpersonal ring?

Discover your personal one-of-a-kind gem.
We guarantee: No one will never own the same.

A RetinaScan along with all necessary measurements is acquired by our team with our high-tech devices.

Together, we select the part of your retina best suited for your desired Retina®Design gem.

We create a personalized offer including a photorealistic 3D visualization.

After you approve our design proposal, we manufacture your unique piece in our Swiss workshop.

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Meet The Founders

Stefan Wacha

& Jewelry Designer

Marlen Wacha

& Jewel Setter

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